Oxygenating Facial Chicago

Oxygenating facials stimulate oxygenation and skin circulation which rejuvenates sluggish or stressed skin as well as helps get rid of acne.n Drawing oxygen to the skin’s surface this facial gives your skin a very radiant and healthy glow. Oxygenating facials introduce oxygen directly to the skin’s pores. The oxygen that is used is very nutrient rich which helps firm the lines in yours skin and create a more youthful appearance. Oxygenating facials are very relaxing as well as beneficial. Because this non-medical procedure is very gentle people with sensitive skin are great candidates for it.

Not only can this treatment be used to cleanse the skin and get rid of wrinkles but it is also commonly used to fix acne and scarring as the oxygen helps the skin to produce new cells at a much faster rate.

This facial is very versatile and is tailored to each client’s specific needs for optimal results.

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