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Hydropeptide Facial

Healthy skin woman beauty face closeup female cosmetic portraitWhat is a Hydropeptide Facial?

Hydropeptide facials are customized high end spa-like facials using medical grade products. Hydropeptide is a luxury skin care brand focused on epigenetics and peptide formulas. Each facial is designed to target specific results using the necessary Hydropeptide products to achieve them. Hydropeptide uses scientific peptide formulas to influence how our genes affect our appearance. Each product is formulated with gene signaling peptides to change the way epigenetics control our skin.


Hydropeptide Facial Descriptions

We have created a list of Hydropeptide Facial Services tailored to each client to focus on specific problematic areas. Although each facial is designed to achieve optimal results for that distinct skin issue, they all have several benefits that improve the overall appearance of our skin.

Hydropeptide Acne Clearing Facial (50 Minutes)
Hydropeptide Anti-Wrinkle Facial (50 Minutes)
Hydropeptide Brightening Facial (50 Minutes)
Hydropeptide Calming Recovery Facial (50 Minutes)
Hydropeptide Express Facial (30 Minutes)
Hydropeptide Signature Anti-Aging Facial (80 Minutes)

What are the benefits of Hydropeptide Facials?

  • Acne Clearing
  • Wrinkle Reduction
  • Dark Spot Corrector
  • Hyperpigmentation Improvement
  • Skin Brightening
  • Exfoliated Skin
  • Increased Elasticity
  • Reduces Fine Lines
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Rejuvenated Glowing Skin
  • And Many More

How long does Hydropeptide Facial Results Last?

Hydropeptide Facial results will be visible over the course of the next few days following your appointment. To achieve max results, we recommend purchasing the Hydropeptide products to use in your daily skincare routine at home.

What to expect after a Hydropeptide Facial?

Post Hydropeptide Facials, we ask that you do not wash your face for 6 to 8 hours as the peptides will still be actively working on your results.

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