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Cutera Laser Hair Removal

Dvida Spa offers many options when it comes to laser hair reduction, including Cutera laser hair removal, for Chicago patients. Cutera makes use of different laser wavelengths to rid the body of unwanted hair.


The Cutera laser uses the latest technology to ensure optimal hair removal almost anywhere on the body, including the legs, back, arms, chest, and bikini area. The only area on which the Cutera laser cannot be used on is the eyelids.

Cutera laser hair removal can target unwanted hair on all skin types and tones. Typically, those with lighter skin and darker hair are better candidates for laser hair removal, since the laser targets melanin.

With many lasers, treatment for those with darker skin tones may result in temporary discoloration of the skin. However, this is much less of a concern with the Cutera laser. Cutera uses the Nd:YAG laser wavelength, which has a weaker melanin-absorption rate and is thus much safer for darker skin tones.

Some Cutera systems also offer the Alexandrite laser wavelength, which is ideal for larger areas of the body. It can safely treat those with olive skin and requires a shorter treatment time than many other lasers.


Before your treatment, a trained professional at Dvida Spa will ask you about your medical history, including past treatments and any medications/supplements you are currently taking.

It is important to note that you should not get a Cutera laser treatment if you:

  • Have taken Accutane in the last six months
  • Have undergone gold therapy recently
  • Take photosensitizing drugs

If you have vitiligo, the heat from the treatment could induce a flare-up. Those who live with diabetes may have a slower healing time following laser hair removal. Be sure to mention any other conditions you may have prior to your procedure in order to ensure the best possible treatment outcome.

During your consultation, your technician will ask you about the areas you would like to target with laser hair removal. You should avoid plucking or waxing hairs for six weeks before getting a Cutera laser treatment, since these methods remove hair at the root and can interfere with the results of laser hair removal.


Before the Cutera laser treatment, the technician may apply a numbing cream to the targeted areas. After also applying a thin layer of clear gel, the technician will glide the Cutera laser handpiece over the treatment region for a period of time. If the targeted region is small, the procedure will take less time, and if the area is larger, the procedure will take longer.


You may experience some slight discomfort after Cutera laser hair reduction. This is completely normal and will go away in a day or two. You should avoid heat and stay out of hot tubs or saunas for twenty-four hours after your treatment, and you should not wax or pluck hair in between treatments.

Hair in the targeted areas may take two weeks or more to fall out. Typically, you can come back for more treatments every six to twelve weeks depending on the areas treated. The average number of treatments with the Cutera laser range from five to eight; however, everyone is different and will have a different response to the treatment.


Many factors play a role in determining the overall cost of Cutera laser hair removal. The number of hair-removal sessions required can impact the price. Additionally, cost can be affected by the size of the areas being treated, along with the number of treatment regions.


If you think you could benefit from Cutera laser hair removal in Chicago and are interested in finding out more about this treatment, contact Dvida Spa today. Our staff will be available to answer any questions you may have about the treatment process.