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Cool Peel CO2 Laser

Dvida Spa is happy to now offer CoolPeel CO2 treatments in our spa! CoolPeel is a skin rejuvenating laser resurfacing treatment that provides all the benefits of a traditional CO2 laser, with significantly less downtime and discomfort.

What is CoolPeel?

CoolPeel is a new treatment that uses the Smartxide Tetra laser, the latest and most advanced CO2 laser. The Smartxide Tetra is designed to deliver high power in short pulses at low energy settings. These short pulses create controlled injury to the epidermis and superficial dermis with less heat built up in the skin, meaning we can provide the optimal controlled level of ablation with minimal thermal damage to surrounding tissue. This allows for faster recovery and downtime than other ablative lasers.

CoolPeel also has a unique pulse shaped pattern that creates a natural looking random pattern on the skin rather than a traditional square pattern that most other lasers produce. CoolPeel treatments are generally well tolerated and may or may not require topical anesthetic depending on intensity of treatment and desired effects. It is also a fairly quick treatment, with most taking between 10-30 minutes.


CoolPeel uses SmartXide Tetra’s exclusive H-pulse technology, a high power, low energy, short pulse that delivers an ablative treatment with modest thermal damage while still providing effective results. Controlled thermal damage means minimized downtime, meaning you can go back to work and normal activities the very next day.

When you ablate or damage the epidermis, cytokines and chemokines are released which directs a repair response from which new collagen and elastin are formed. Three to four treatments spaced four weeks apart can achieve optimal skin Resurfacing results. The tetra laser gives us the ability to tailor the laser power and pulse size.

CoolPeel can be used as a stand alone treatment or it can be combined with other modalities, such as micro needling with Radio Frequency. By combining Sylfirm and CoolPeel, we can address skin laxity at different depths of the skin, by offering a deeper treatment with the microneedling and a surface level treatment with CoolPeel.


Immediately after the treatment, patients may experience warmth that may continue for up to 24 hours after the treatment. Using a fan, cold compress, and a mineral water spray will help to alleviate the warmth. Be sure not to heat the skin for 24 hours. You will feel sunburnt and flaky. No exfoliating or scrubbing for at least 3-4 days. The face typically takes a week to heal, the body may take up to three weeks. You may resume your normal gentle skincare routine, we recommend purchasing our Epionce after care kit, which includes everything you need for post-treatment care. Keep the skin hydrated, moisturized, and use an occlusive barrier over the top, and avoid products that contain dyes or added fragrance. Be sure to schedule your next treatment for the following month.

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