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Restylane Chicago

Restlyne is a filler that is used to create volume in the face while removing wrinkles and lines. It is also very commonly used as an injection to plump lips. Restlyne gives a very natural yet enhanced look by smoothing out the skin or giving your lips a voluminous shape.

What is Restlyne?

Restlyne is an FDA approved dermal filler. Restlyne is a made of a hyaluronic acid that stimulates the production of natural collagen.

How long does it last?

Restlyne lasts between 4 and 6 months with the results showing instantaneously.

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Cost of Restylane

The cost of Restylane depends on the amount of product used, the amount of injections you get during your treatment, and other various factors. During your consultation with one of our highly trained aesthetic specialists, be sure to ask about the price of this treatment.

How Do I Schedule A Consultation?

The best way to schedule a consultation and learn more about Restylane in Chicago is by contacting our office. Restylane can give you the wrinkle-reduction results you’ve been hoping for, so get started today.

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