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PRP Facial Injections Chicago

Beautician will do PRP therapy for the face against wrinklesBeyond the age of photoshop, you may have noticed that some celebrities never seem to age, whether on TV or the runway. What is their secret to staying youthful, one might wonder. The answer is there is no one secret; they have a lot more treatments at their disposal than the average person. However, one secret is out of the bag; PRP facial injections, also nicknamed the “vampire facial.”

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) began in 1970 when it was developed to help heal wounded and injured soft tissues such as joints, ligaments, muscles, and tendons. The purpose was to use one’s own body healing system to heal itself instead of introducing foreign substances. While that was the primary reason for creating the treatment, others in the medical field have opted to find other uses for it.

A substantial amount of clinical research demonstrates that PRP can be used in facial therapy. It can minimize pores, reduce wrinkles, fade scars and even rejuvenate the skin. Additionally, evidence shows that PRP stimulates various proteins that bring about skin healing and collagen and elastin production. All work together to keep the skin youthful and supple. Dermatologists are leaning in more on PRP since it utilizes a person’s own healing essence to treat various skin conditions and skin aging.

While PRP facial injections are touted as effective, it is worth noting that there is still little clinical evidence and a limited number of studies to show that it does indeed work for a significant number of people. Clinical trials are ongoing, but the procedure, for now, remains to fulfill cosmetic purposes.

Process of attaining PRP

Getting the PRP suitable for the skin starts with drawing blood from a patient, where after it is spun in a centrifuge to separate the various parts of the blood. It is here where platelets are both isolated and concentrated. The platelet-rich solution is extracted and then applied or injected into the patient’s skin. If you take the first approach, the skin has to go through laser and micro-needling before the PRP is applied to one’s skin. When it comes to the latter, the dermatologist can choose to inject the PRP as is or with a combination of traditional soft-tissue fillers, the latter of which produces an immediate response.

PRP facial injections procedure

Extreme care and caution go into the preparation for PRP facial skin injections. For one, extracting the PRP should be a simple process, void of over manipulation. It needs to remain as authentic as what is in the body. When it comes to the actual injection, precision is required as the needle has to be at a 90-degree angle for the skin to rip the procedure’s benefits evenly. Therefore, it is crucial that you only work with certified professionals to avoid potential injury or scaring.

Bruising and swelling are normal when getting the procedure done, and the doctor will explain as much. Other expected effects are tingling, redness, tenderness, and pressure where the needle punctured the skin. These disappear after a few days. However, not everyone’s skin is the same since others can spend their lunch break getting a procedure done, and no one will notice.

How long does the process take?

The time of the initial procedure varies depending on the dermatologist. Typically it can be half an hour to about an hour based on one’s needs. Subsequently, you can go in for touch-ups every four weeks should the need arise.

Things to do before and after a PRP facial injection

Before the procedure, ensure that you give your dermatologist an accurate medical history and disclose all medications you’re taking. That is because some of them might interfere with the platelet function, affecting the outcome of your skin. If you’re taking blood thinners or supplements of any nature, the doctor will ask you to put them on hold a week before the procedure.

Gentle skin care is essential after the procedure. Look for products with no irritating agents that might aggravate the experience you’re already having with your tender skin. The purpose is to keep the skin hydrated, so opt for moisturizers with hyaluronic acid.

Are PRP facial injections for me?

There are many unanswered questions when it comes to PRP facial injections. Procedures vary from one dermatologist to another, and not all will give the same answer. It is still unclear:

  • Why don’t all patients get younger skin?
  • How much PRP needs to be injected to get the desired outcome?
  • How many treatments bring about the best results?
  • Is there standardized equipment for the procedure?
  • What are the long-term side effects of using PRP injections on the skin?

Overall, PRP facial injections have proved far more beneficial and less harmful compared to injecting fillers. It is essentially using your body’s natural healing agents to improve one’s skin, or at least in theory.

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