Eyelash Extensions Chicago | Longer Lashes IL

Eyelash Extensions Chicago

Full Set Eyelash Extensions

A full set features longer and thicker eyelashes along the entire lash line. Eyelash extensions give you a put together look with minimal effort. Our semi-permanent eyelash application will make you feel camera ready at all times.

Eyelash Follow Up Service

Over time some of the eyelash will shift or fall off. This is when you should come in for your follow up appointment and have them refilled and adjusted. Your lashes will be very easy to care for and maintain with your follow up services.

Before Your Eyelash Appointment

Please remove all makeup prior to your appointment including mascara, foundation, eye shadow, and eyeliner.

Clean your lashes before coming in to remove any oil and debris.

Do not wear contacts to your appointment.

After Care for your Eyelash Appointment

First 48 hours

Keep your lashes dry.

Sleep on your side or facing up.

Avoid touching your newly applied lashes.

After 48 hours

Keep your lashes clean.

Brush them daily.

Avoid oily or waterproof mascara.


Your lash extensions should be removed by your lash technician!