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At Dvida Spa, we offer Emsculpt NEO for Chicago clients. The latest generation of Emsculpt technology, Emsculpt NEO combines muscle building with fat reduction to achieve impressive body contouring. If you’re feeling frustrated about the lack of definition in your abdominal muscles, thighs, or buttocks, Emsculpt NEO may be the solution you’ve been looking for.

What Is Emsculpt NEO?

Emsculpt NEO is a non-invasive FDA-approved body-shaping treatment. It is completely painless, and no downtime is needed. Emsculpt NEO’s results look very natural.

Unlike other body contouring options that we offer (CoolSculpting Elite and ultrasonic cavitation), Emsculpt NEO tones muscles along with addressing excess fat. Cryolipolysis and fat cavitation cannot build or tone muscle tissue. To get the amount of muscle improvement that a single Emsculpt NEO session offers, a person would need to do 20,000 crunches or 20,000 squats.

Emsculpt Neo before and after results

Which Areas of the Body Can Emsculpt NEO Treat?

This non-surgical treatment in Chicago is able to effectively contour and strengthen numerous areas of the body. Emsculpt NEO can tone and shape the thighs, abdomen, triceps, buttocks, calves, obliques, lower back, hamstrings, biceps, and flanks.

Whether you’re looking to get a flatter stomach and washboard abs, tackle bingo wings hanging from your upper arms, define your legs, or get the sculpted butt you’ve been dreaming of, Emsculpt NEO is for you.

Note that Emsculpt NEO is specifically for body shaping and is not suitable for use in contouring the neck, chin, or other areas of the face.

What Is the Science Behind Emsculpt NEO?

Emsculpt NEO uses state-of-the-art equipment to achieve a 25% muscle volume increase on average, along with an average of 30% fat reduction in the targeted areas.

Its cutting-edge technology emits RF (radio frequency) energy to heat subcutaneous fat cells, causing cell death, scientifically known as apoptosis. These cells are gradually filtered out of the body, creating volume reduction and contouring in the treated areas.

The RF energy also prepares the muscles for the stress of a workout by raising their temperature. This is similar to what stretching and other warm-ups do before a workout session.

Emsculpt NEO’s applicator also emits HIFEM+ (High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic) energy. This is directed at the muscles and travels safely through the skin and fat layers. The electric currents of the HIFEM+ energy cause muscle fibers to experience supramaximal contractions, which are much more intense than voluntary muscle contractions.

During a normal workout, muscle contraction creates tension in the muscle fibers. As a result, the body makes the muscle fibers stronger and creates new muscle tissue. Because supramaximal contractions are far more intense than the muscle contractions experienced during strength training or weightlifting, they boost muscle strengthening and new muscle tissue formation.

Am I a Good Candidate?

Patients in Chicago who want to achieve their Instagram body goals without spending endless hours at the gym are ideal Emsculpt NEO candidates. This is an excellent treatment option for clients who are interested in effective body shaping but do not want to undergo surgical body contouring procedures.

If you’re looking for the inspiration needed to start working out, Emsculpt NEO is a perfect choice. It’s also a great option for people who work in the fast-paced world of business and just don’t have time to maintain a regular exercise regimen.

Ideal candidates for Emsculpt NEO body shaping are not more than 50 lbs. above their preferred body weight. Good candidates can be in excellent shape, overweight, or underweight. The best candidates for Emsculpt NEO maintain a healthy lifestyle, are in overall good health, and are at least moderately active.

Emsculpt is not ideal for patients who are looking for cellulite reduction or weight-loss treatments. To address the appearance of cellulite, patients can instead undergo Slimspec Acoustic Radial Wave Therapy at our med spa.

What Is the Treatment Session Like?

An Emsculpt NEO treatment only takes 30 minutes, making it very quick and convenient. Patients lie down and relax, and then the Emsculpt NEO applicator is positioned over the region being targeted. RF energy and HIFEM+ energy are simultaneously administered to the area through the applicator.

The exact intensity level of the muscle contractions is controlled through the equipment and will be precisely calibrated for treatment. Emsculpt NEO is not painful. Instead, because this process is a form of exercise, endorphins are released, increasing patient comfort.

Emsculpt Neo Before and After


After Your Emsculpt NEO Treatment Session

Once your Emsculpt NEO session is complete, you will be able to immediately return to your daily activities. No downtime or recovery process is needed. There may be a degree of temporary muscle soreness for a couple of days after treatment. Soreness is typically minor since the Emsculpt NEO process addresses lactic acid buildup in the muscles.

Initial results can be seen three to six weeks after the client’s treatment session. These results continue to improve over the next six months.

Multiple Emsculpt NEO sessions will be required in order to achieve the best results. Most clients come in for four treatment sessions to get optimal results. Two to three days must pass between each session.

In the same way that regular exercise is required to maintain proper fitness, Emsculpt NEO maintenance treatments will be needed to preserve muscle-toning results. Clients should come in for two treatment sessions every three to six months.

Highly Recommended

“Great experience coming here as a first-time client. Tamara was awesome- very understanding and knowledgeable. She listened and provided great service. Highly recommended!“

How Much Does Emsculpt NEO Cost in Chicago?

The exact price of this body sculpting treatment varies depending on the number of treatment sessions desired. The size of the paddles used also affects Emsculpt NEO cost. Full pricing is available here.

We offer monthly Silver, Gold, and Platinum membership packages for percentages off of our many procedures, along with numerous treatment add-ons.

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