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Why Choose Dvida?

Why choose us for CoolSculpting Elite?

Everyone’s body is different and so are their problem areas and their fat reduction goals that is why we customize our treatment plan to each client’s needs. Our clinicians will work with each client individually to create a plan that suits them best, whether it be one application or several, we will make sure the desired results are achieved.

We have performed over 600 CoolSculpting Elite procedures at our spa. Your treatment day will be nothing but relaxing and satisfying. Our client’s are brought to a private room where a gel applicator is applied to the target area and the fat cells are frozen away. During your treatment, you can feel free to read a book, check your emails, or kick your feet up and just relax!

Here at Dvida Spa we are committed to making every one of our clients happy. During your session we offer free skincare consultations, complimentary facials, and even a much needed massage. Your wish is our command!