M’Lis Body Wrap Chicago

We at DVIDA SPA love nature. In fact, we strongly recommend natural ways of slimming and toning.

Are you not hitting the gym? How about losing 4-14 inches without workout?

Furthermore, what if it is a natural therapy? Sounds amazing. Isn’t it? So then, check out this amazing therapy – M’Lis body wrap.

DVIDA SPA brings to you the most amazing Inch loss therapy – “The M’lis body wrap” in Chicago.

A Helicopter View

The M-Lis body wrap is a holistic approach to body contouring that decreases cellulite and drops inches. This wrap is a very relaxing way to aid in weight loss.

The client’s skin will be exfoliated to help remove toxins, dead skin cells, and products to allow for maximum absorption of the contouring cream. Following exfoliation, the wrap cream will be applied as well as the plastic wrap. The plastic wrap creates an even pressure on your body that stimulates the lymphatic system. The client will then be laid down in a peaceful room where your inches will shed. The wrap also helps detoxify the body removing the toxins and waste in your connective tissue.

The M-Lis body wrap lasts an hour per session and it is common to do a series of wraps to see best results. Most clients lose 4 to 14 inches with the M-Lis wrap. Feel free to bring your bikini for your comfort during the procedure.

The real story

In brief, this procedure helped enhance blood circulation and the flow of lymphatic fluids in patients in the 1970s. However, the M’Lis body wrap eventually became popular for toxin removal post-1979.

It delivers amazing results. It is known for flushing out toxins. M’Lis body wrap promises amazing body fat loss. Thus, a professionally administered wrap removes toxins in fat cells. In fact, M’Lis body wrap removes the toxins workouts cannot target.

Next, what’s the real deal?

In short, here is the list of guaranteed benefits.

  • 100% Natural therapy. The treatment has no side effects.
  • Secondly, flushes out waste trapped deep inside connective tissues. It targets difficult toxins.
  • Improves overall health. Hence, experience energy increase in each sitting.
  • Contours soft body parts like a beer belly. Reshape your body for those stunning looks.
  • Guaranteed hydration with no loss of water.
  • Lastly, The Inch loss achieved is permanent.

Customized M’Lis body wrap by DVIDA SPA

DVIDA SPA offers 100% natural sculpting therapies. Above all, M’Lis body wrap is a natural therapy. Experts say” Do it properly or don’t do it at all”. For this reason, DVIDA SPA engages trained and experienced aestheticians. In fact, our team led by Dr. Dan Krochmal keeps researching natural ways to make you beautiful inside out.

We customize slimming and toning packages that fit your body type. In the first place, we scan the target body. Discuss specific goals with the client. Our slimming experts customize specific M’Lis body wrap packages that fit your body type and esthetic goals. Looking for other ways to tone your body? Click here.

The M’Lis body wrap journey with DVIDA SPA

Curious about how the journey would look like? DVIDA SPA customizes the package as per your body type and goals.

However, the below-listed program gives the best results for almost all body types.

      1. The number of sessions – For the best slimming results, we strongly recommend three sessions in continuation. Though the results will be visible in the first session, the third session will just make you say “wow”.
      2. Length of each session – We keep your body wrapped for 50 minutes straight. However, the overall therapy would take about 70 minutes. Hence, schedule your sessions accordingly for better results. In fact, it is an amazingly relaxing experience. Waiting to barge into a meeting immediately after the session might ruin the experience. However, post-therapy you can latch on to your regular routine.
      3. Frequency – As a rule, we maintain a gap of 3-4 days between two sessions. Hence, the maximum time it takes is a fortnight to get that amazing body. In some cases, we recommend an increased gap between the sessions. Want to know how your journey will look like? Just fill this form. Our experts offer absolutely free counseling.

The masterstroke

Want to give it a shot? Stop longing for that amazing body shape. Try M’Lis body wrap by DVIDA SPA now.

However, with slimming it is always “The more the merrier.” – Right? These easy steps will enhance the results even more?

In Short, here are things that will deliver the best results.

  • First, measure your body weight. Now, take ½ your body weight into ounces of water each day. Continue it for 7 days daily.
  • Second, check for niacin compatibility. Some skin types have known to have reactions. Take a patch test prior to the treatment. If you find your skin reacts to Niacin, reduce the quantity of niacin in the contour cream. In fact, avoid use of niacin.
  • Finally, practice a healthy lifestyle. Stick to foods with health benefits. Shell out the extra carbohydrates to maintain the results.

Also listing a few things you should avoid for the best results.

  • Do not drink anything before 2 hours of the procedure. Once you are wrapped you cannot use the rest rooms.
  • On your day of the procedure avoid using moisturizer.
  • Do not shave your hair on the day of the treatment.
  • Do not take a shower for 12 hours post-session.

In Chicago? Walk into DVIDA SPA to know amazing toning and slimming solutions. Speak to experts. Know which contouring solutions are best for your body type. Planning to travel to Chicago in the near future? Book your session now. Speak to experts. Know what your body type is. Based on your body type choose from an amazing list of esthetic programs like:

  • M’Lis body wrap.
  • Ultrasonic fat captivation.
  • Cellulite reduction.

Well DVIDA SPA offers numerous therapies. The above listed are just a few related services. Hence, it is strongly recommended to go for a free consultation before deciding on your aesthetic program. Will not be able to make it to Chicago? Never mind. Search out for a top-rated SPA on Google and Yelp near you. Ask these questions to the SPA manager.

  • Ask if the results are permanent?
  • Is the program certified? Does it have FDA approval?
  • Are there any side effects? If yes, what are the side effects?Is the treatment invasive or non – invasive?
  • Is the program stand-alone?

Many times results of some treatments are linked to connected therapies. Finally, want to keep yourself abreast with toning and slimming technology? Follow us on Instagram and Face book now. Still, scratching your head with what is best for you? Call DVIDA SPA now. Speak to an expert on (312) 374-3352.