Sweating it out for a toned body? If that 6 pack muscle tone or butt toning is on your cards keep reading.

What if there is a way you can get a Brazilian butt lift, muscle tone without hitting the gym?

Sounds amazing. Isn’t it? hear me out a little more. We are going to discuss a non invasive treatment without any side effects at all. The most amazing thing is, it also enhances your performance in the gym. Sounds interesting? If yes, keep reading till the end. There is an amazing free give away from Dvida Spa in the middle of the article.

Cool tone is a non invasive body contouring treatment. The treatment helps tone muscles, tightens the skin and helps fat reduction. The cool tone device makes use of high frequency electromagnetic energy.

The treatment is FDA cleared for muscle toning of abdomen, thigh and buttock area. The muscle stimulation technology (M.M.S.) penetrates into the muscle layers. The MMS induces strong involuntary muscle contractions. As a result of these extreme contractions, the muscle fibers are strengthened. This improves the muscle conditioning.

A cool tone device does 25,000 contractions in a 30 minute session. Hence, after cool tone treatment abdomen become more firm. The abdomen will also have a more defined and toned appearance. Similarly, buttocks will have a more toned appearance and will be more firm.

There are several benefits of cool tone treatment, however we have listed down the 10 most important benefits of cool tone treatment.

  1. Enhances your performance at the gym

Multiple sessions of cool tone treatment over a period of 2 months strengthens your abdomen.  With a strong core, your repetitions go up drastically. In fact if you are a regular in the gym, you can feel the difference in your abs work out with a single session also. A healthier abdomen helps you perform better in cardio vascular exercises, abs work outs and other strength work out programs. One 30 minutes session of cool tone makes your muscles go through 25,000 extreme contractions. In fact cool tone also conditions muscles that we miss out working out on at the gym.

  1. Quick and easy

Did you know, a 30 minute session of cool tone is as good as 25,000 squats? The muscle stimulation technology(MMS),  penetrates into the muscles and delivers extreme contractions to the muscles. The results that normally takes months  for us to achieve at the gym are visible in just a few weeks. The cool tone comes with zero to negligible downtime. So once you take a 30 minute session post which you directly venture into your routine stuff. Isn’t it amazing? The complete program also takes less than 2 months. Once you have done the whole program you need to go for a single session once in 3-6 months to maintain the tone.

  1. Cleared by F.D.A.

Post numerous clinical trials, Food and Drug Administration(F.D.A.) has cleared the cool tone device and the cool tone treatment. The FDA has given a nod on toning and conditioning  of muscles in abdomen, buttocks and thighs using the cool tone device and treatment. This proves without a doubt that cool tone is safe and secure for humans. In spite of many false allegations on Allergan, cool tone has come out neat and clean.

  1. Non Invasive treatment

This is another amazing benefit of cool tone. Cool tone is non invasive. Hence, it has zero to very little down time. So this means that you can just take the sessions on lunch breaks. The best part is that post session, you can easily carry out your regular routine work. You might feel a slight sourness in the area you have taken the session. However, more or less it is ignorable. Typically non invasive in simple words means, it does not damage any other organ and tissues.

  1. Non Surgical

There are many body contouring procedures like bariatric surgery. The body contouring procedures like bariatric surgery are also extremely safe. However, such surgical procedures are recommended for patients that are extremely obese. The cool tone treatment is non surgical procedure. It does not have a downtime period or recovery period. So far as butt fit is concerned, cool tone is the only alternative that is non surgical available on the planet.

  1. Fat Cells

The cool tone procedure also shrinks the fat cells. As a result of the extreme contractions the fat cells surrounding the muscle area shrink. This makes the cool tone treatment very unique. In fact if you are in Chicago or planning to travel to Chicago in future, you can try an amazing combination of Toning the muscles and freezing the fat with cool sculpting. The cool tone gives you transformational results in toning the muscles. The Cool Sculpting freezes fat tissues. The best part is, you can get both the treatments done at one go. Dvida Spa is the place that offers a unique combination of cool tone with cool sculpting. This makes the results even better. The frozen fat helps the body remove fat bulk and curves. The conditioning of the muscles with cool tone, strengthen and tone up your body with muscle mass.   This combination doubles up the impact.

  1. High intensity treatment

The cool tone device is extremely powerful. The strength of electromagnetic energy used is immense. To help you understand better, the unit of magnetic energy is Tesla.  The Emsculpt uses 0.9 Tesla magnetic intensity. Cool tone on the other hand uses 1.35 Tesla magnetic intensity. To simplify cool tone uses 50 % more magnetic intensity compared to Emsculpt. Hence, Cool tone uses that maximum strength to deliver muscle contractions in  a focused manner.

  1. Similar results for men and women both

All the clinical trials of Cool Tone treatment have revealed amazing results for both – men and women. However the treatment is not recommended for pregnant women. Never the less, the treatment works even better for women post pregnancy.

  1. No side effects

Yeah, you read it right. With all the benefits you read there aren’t any known side effects of the cool tone treatment. Being a non Invasive and non surgical procedure there are no side effects at all.

  1. Natural looking results

A lot of aesthetic treatments do not appear natural. However, with cool tone all the muscle conditioning that happens looks 100% natural. Try the buttock lift or abdomen strengthening. There is no difference in the look and feel what so ever. Well the toning with cool tone is natural. Just that the contractions delivered to the muscles are involuntary.

Cool tone treatment is done using cool tone device. The device is manufactured by Allergan. Allergan is the world’s leading brand in medical aesthetics. Cool tone is the most recent souvenir in the list of Allegan’s medical aesthetics range.

Want to take your body ahead with cool tone? Here are some of the facts you should know. Cool tone alone is not a fat reduction treatment. So if you are looking for  fat reduction we strongly recommend alternate treatments like ultrasonic fat cavitations.

Dvida Spa offers absolutely free consultation to all its clients before initiating any treatments. We on occasions also help our clients with what they shouldn’t go for. If you are in Chicago or planning a trip to Chicago in the near future, we strongly recommend you to book an appointment with us.

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If a toned body is on your mind, Cool tone is the treatment you should check out. However, if you are looking for any other aesthetic procedure, we strongly recommend you to check few things. The most important thing to check out for in an aesthetic treatment is side effects.

In conclusion, Cool Tone is the latest technology that enables a very few elite aesthetic health centers like Dvida to deliver transformational body toning results.