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DVida Spa River North

Our Mission

DVida Spa

Located in the heart of River North, DVida mission embellishes the true essence of life and vitality. Owned by a dr. Charles Campbell ,Dvida spa professional services concentrate on professional techniques and state of the art technology that is truly on the cutting edge of the skin and body care industry. Through our specialized expertise and products,we are able to wipe away the deficiencies that over time plaque our youthful skin and body appearance,without surgical procedures. Our professionally trained staff focuses specialized treatments on correcting and improving the body and skin by strategically targeting problematic areas of concern,repairing damaged and aging tissue, allowing for new cell regeneration and recapturing the essence of youth and Vitality from the genesis of mankind, though the days of Aphrodite and Cleopatra..and today,having healthy beautiful skin and body has long been sought after. Dvida offers you the experience to Regress time. Dvida Spa/Waxing Salon invites YOU to a moment of tranquility. Allow us to recapture your vitality and rejuvenate You…It is time!

Please note that we work BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, so we are not necessarily in the office during all posted business hours or we may be with a client. DVida does not have a receptionist, if you would like to purchase a gift card in person or pick up a product, we recommend that you make an appointment with us through our website or via email.